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Samuel Sellers Sr. opened Golden Triangle, originally named Sam's Photo Center, in 1953 while stationed at Mac Dill A.F.B.

The original store was located just outside of the base and opened as a retail camera store and full service photo lab, developing film and providing supplies to local schools and the military. Samuel worked as the official photographer for Mac Dill. 

He perfected his skills with training from an elite team of military photographers.

In later years, Samuel expanded to five locations in Tampa with each of his three children operating a store. Samuel (Sam) Sellers Jr. grew up in the photo lab business and enjoyed working with his Dad for many years. By the age of 16, when Sam got his drivers license, he was shooting professionally.   Sam bought  the family business  in 1998 and at this time had two locations.

He broadened the scope of business offering  film/video transfers, trial exhibit services, photo restorations and corporate headshots in his portrait studio. 

Over the years the store's product and service offerings have changed as the age of  digital became main stream, starting in the mid to late 1990s. Sam has continued to provide services that capture and preserve life's special moments in time. 

Today technology and social media has changed, and will continue to change, the way customers capture, view and

store these moments. 

Sam has brought on Kelly Knight Winterling, a life long friend, to help expand the business and it's services to reach out to the next generation.

Golden Triangle  is proud to be a locally run and operated business serving the Tampa Bay area for more than 65 years. All services continue to be performed in house so customers never have to worry about their special memories being lost in the mail. 


Our mission is to help families archive life's memories so that they will not be forgotten over time. Memories are captured on many different mediums, and they keep changing and evolving with time. We help families organize, consolidate and archive all of their memories from printed photos, to tapes, to slides, to film to digital photos and videos. Everything can be easy to find and it can be all in one place. Golden Triangle can make it happen. 


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