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What People Are Saying:

“Memory Saver Services should really be called Memory Savior Services. This company has been

nothing short of a miracle! I am a full time working Mother of 2 wild and crazy boys. Which means no time to do any photo/video organization or printing for that matter. Now that I have found this company I get to scratch the stress of what to do with all my pictures off my list. My boys love when we get a new photo book and we get to sit on the couch and laugh at all the great memories. Thank you Memory Saver Services for making my memories priceless:)”

-Sandy Cothron. Temple Terrace FL

"We absolutely love the book that Our Memory Saver Kelly made for us that tells the story of our engagement in Curtis Hixon park in an unforgettable way that we will always cherish and love having out on the coffee table for all of our friends to enjoy when they come over. My Mom liked it so much she had copies made to give the grandparents and in-laws for Christmas so that the book can do the bragging for them."

-Shannon Roberts, South Tampa FL

“Oh my goodness, Kelly! You did an incredible job!”

- Scott Johnson, Westchase FL

“I LOVE what you did! Thank you so much!! And thanks for your sweet words!”

-Natalie Chandlee, South Tampa FL

“OMG, Kelly, YOU are the thoughtful one, and creative, and wonderful, i thank YOU for the opportunity to work with such a professional!  You are incredible!”

-Barbara Ford, Riverview FL

​"I just love my photo book from my wedding. With it being one of the biggest days in my life it is amazing to have a photo book with all the highlights that brings me back and helps me relive the moment! Kelly was great at picking out just the right photos from each special moment that I would have never been good at doing myself. She organized it in a precise and perfect way and helped me to decide what quotes to put where and when a photo simply needed no words! Thank you for helping me capture these precious memories in my photo book!"
-Lori Knight, Tampa FL

“The 95 book is perfect and I don't think a single thing needs changing. Ahhhh!!! I love the Crusie Book too!!! You do a great job and I can tell that focus AND intuition are great skills and gifts of yours.”

-Cindy Kurth, South Tampa FL