​​​​​​​​​​Do you have old home movies on VHS tapes? How about tapes from your old video camera?  We can help by converting these out of date medias to today's viewable formats. 

How we can help:

  • Convert the following to Digital or DVD 
    • VHS video tape to DVD
    • S-VHS video tape to DVD
    • VHS-C video tape to DVD
    • Hi-8 video tape to DVD
    • Digital 8 video tape to DVD
    • Video tape restoration
    • Video tape editing
  • Convert Old Audio Cassette Tapes to CD  
  • Convert film to DVD 
    • ​​​​​8mm film to DVD
    • Super-8 film to DVD

How to get started:

Contact Golden Triangle Tampa to set up a complimentary consultation of your Video organization  needs.  ​​​​If you are local to the Tampa Bay Area you may stop by our store. If you are outside of this area, that's okay,  we have remote access options to assist clients outside of the Tampa Bay area. 

Video, Audio & Film Transfers

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